Welcome to the
Peruvian Origins Informatics Project

This website is dedicated to the material culture of preceramic southern Peru. Click the above navigation links to view the map that displays all of the archaeological sites in this project. Artifact pages are direct links to each site repersented in the project

Garden in Arequipa, Peru
First Morning during Geologic Survey of Pampa Colorada
Dunes of Pampa Colorada
Snowy Landscape of Peruvian Highlands

Project Description

The goal of the Peruvian Origins informatics project is to digitally preserve the cultural chronology of the south-central Andes. By clicking the "Traducir espaƱol" button located on the top of the page, you will be taken to a non-english version of this page


P.O.I.P is the end product of the Cultural Heritage Informatics Initiative fellowship at Michigan State University. The archaeological research presented on this website was funded by the National Science Foundation Grant #1659015 PI Kurt Rademaker. For further information on the various archaeological projects utilized for this website visit www.paleoandes.com

Project Objectives and Goals

The objectives and goals of this website is to educate and present to the public examples of preceramic material culture through projectile points. By diseeminating informaiton about the deep prehistory of Peru, this project hopes to increase awareness and curioisity about culture prior to complex civilizaition. If you are interested in contributing sites or 3D models to P.O.I.P see the "contact" page